Friday, May 23, 2008

My Little Brother takes the plunge tomorrow....

Grey grey grey grey grey grey grey ,
Grey London again and its sodding May!
Won't let it perturb me,
It doesn't disturb me,
Cause tomorrow I'm going to a wedding that's Gay!

Actually the fact that it's a civil partnership is of no relevance whatsoever, it just rhymes.

Much more exciting is the fact that it's my little brother- who actually isn't really, but is, but that's a long story.

I've known Si for years, I used to babysit for him! We have both been through many events since then, together and separately, bad and good. Although we lost touch over certain periods as everyone does, a chance meeting involving a post box and the kind of small dog which frequents the handbags of the Hollywood's "elite" brought us back together about 18 months ago. I am immensely happy that it did!

I am so proud if him! Is that patronising? It's not meant to be, I say that about lots of my older friends, and I don't even feel as though he's younger than me at all anymore anyway.

I'm not proud of him because he's getting married, any idiot can do that (although from our brief meeting I think he has made a good selection of life partner). I am proud of him because the little seven year old who I introduced to Kylie and Madonna, and with whom I used play role-play type mummy and daddy type games (not in a rude way!), has grown in to a fantastic bloke who's doing pretty darn well career wise! Interestingly our time together seems to have influenced both of our career choices- I'm and actor and he interviews iconic pop stars and TV stars- as well as some F listers who are camp enough to be in Bent magazine.

From the moment I read his "Simon Says" agony column I was impressed with what a mature, intelligent, talented individual he had become, and I've since enjoyed his interviews with John Barrowman and the like. Si has even interviewed the Spice Girls, and been sent to Philadelphia to review the city!

Anyway enough of this arse kissing.

Tomorrow promises to be an emotional day, but also one of Savidge (excuse the pun) partying. I can't wait to meet all Si's friends, and especially to see his mum, who was my Classics A-Level teacher! His sister too who I last met when she was a baby at Louise's wedding, and Si's brother who I have never met at all.

Si has even managed to arrange the wedding for Eurovison night, which could have been by stereotypically camp intention. But never one to be a cliche he has just told me he hasn't really liked the contest since the 90's. Bollocks to that, I love it!

I can't wait to see another dear friend, my only sibling, get hitched, and to get p***ed with a bunch of good people.

Right. must look on the Angels website for a mask....

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