Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Feel Some Job App. Rage Coming On….

After eight happy years of working my a** off in a parallel universe of a profession where the minimum wage doesn’t exist, I strode out in to the real world to seek my fortune (or at least upward of £10,000 p/a).

As I dipped my toe in to conventional life I looked forward to a world where you could earn a decent wage and progress through hard work and talent and not because of who you knew.

Of course logic dictates that if someone known to a company has applied for a job and they are as qualified as the other applicants then they are still more likely to get it- that’s how it works in any industry. That being the case, though, wouldn’t it be considerate to make application forms less epic for those of us who could be wasting our time?

Yes, I genuinely do “support the ideal of an ethnically diverse workplace” (or however it happens to be worded), but to make me tell you why, and to make such an issue of it is patronising both to me and to ethnic minorities. Anyone who doesn’t support it is going to lie anyway, so why ask?

On the same note, I am sure that many “examples of troubles you experienced within a team, and how you overcame them” contain more fantasy than Disneyland and porn put together. Unless the application is for a creative writing post what’s the point? Keep it simple: here’s what I’ve done (work experience), here’s why I’d be good at the job (covering letter), ask my old boss (references). Easy!

A well known job seeking website recently left me seething by changing the font of various sections of my CV no matter which method I used to input it. When applying to companies directly by way of their own application forms, three times out of five the forms will be in read only format, or become disfigured when you start filling them in. Is this part of the test? I’m not applying for an IT job!

Thank god I have a good temping agency to keep me afloat. I can just about see the funny side of how unimpressive the people we are trying to impress are. For anyone desperately searching for work to make ends meet, these ridiculous frustrations must seem like the final insult.

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